PMC Pro Silver Clay Firing Vessel Sinter Pan 115mm x 115mm x 80mm Tray

This stainless steel firing tray and lid is excellent for firing bronze clay, copper clay, PMC PRO and Accent Silver in a bed of activated carbon.

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We introduce the stainless steel PMC Pro Silver Clay firing tray. An excellent option to use when looking to fire fine bronze clay, copper clay, PMC PRO leather and Accent silver in a bed of activated carbon.

Start by adding 10mm activated into the tray before adding your dried PMC clay creations then add another layer to cover them up without piling the carbon over the firing tray’s rim. Take the lid and cover the pan. You are now ready for sintering. You want to refer to your PMC for the perfect temperature to use.

After doing two to three firings, you will start seeing some ash deposits build up. You can clean these by switching the activated carbon from one container to another for a height of few centimetres. Repeat this for two to three times and the dust will be carried away by the air. We advise that you do this process outside.

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