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Standard Activated Carbon Sintering Pan Set for PMC Pro, includes Firing Tray

This firing kit is excellent for firing bronze clay, copper clay, PMC PRO and Accent Silver. Fine silver clays can also be sintered using this kit. Firing fine silver in carbon is a good way to incorporate low-fire cubic zirconia, lab and natural gems (including diamonds) that would change colour or be damaged if fired on an open kiln shelf.

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If you are in the market for an excellent bronze, copper clay, PMC PRO and Accent silver firing kit, ensure that you get this Standard Activated Carbon Sintering Pan Set. You can also rely on it when sintering your fine silver clay.

Firing silver using this pan set provides one of the best ways through which you can include natural and lab gems in a low-fire cubic zirconia without having the change the colour as they often do when fired in an open kiln shelf. Included in the packaging are 50g of activated carbon, a tray that measures (width 90mm x depth 60mm x height 40mm), wire mesh, aluminium foil and stainless steel foil.

To get started on firing your bronze clay: take 10ml of activated carbon and place it on the pan. Add your dried PMC creations and proceed to add more activated carbon on top ensuring that it does not pile higher than the tray’s rim. Take the aluminium sheets and wrap them around the top of the tray and the use the steel foil to cover the PMC firing tray (bend it as possible to cover the top).

Once the sintering is ready to head to the kiln, refer to your PMC instructions for instructions on temperature.

While ash deposits are expected to build up on the activated carbon with every two to three firings, you can clean this up by changing the activated carbon from one container to another and let the air carry away the dust. We advice you that you get this done outside.

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