Michihamono Hanko Stone Corner Skew Cutting Carving Tool 3mm Angle Point Chisel

Carve your name into your Hanko or Inkan with ease using this quality, yet affordable stone carving tool. Great for other applications like PMC or wood carving too.

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Looking for a stone carving tool that's excellent for carving your Inkan, Hanko or other intricate stone carving work? Then look no further than this outstanding stone carving tool, made by Michihamono of Japan.

This tool comes with an ergonomically shaped handle and a highly tempered, high carbon steel blade to ensure the best possible results.

The flat blade is best suited for smoothing and finishing work, or cutting into hard to reach corners. Quality made in Japan.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Handle length (not including bolster): 8.5cm
  • Handle width (widest point): 1.5cm
  • Handle width (narrowest point): 0.9cm
  • Bolster length: 1.9cm

Please note the background grid is in square millimetres.

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