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PMC Flex Fast Drying Assembly for Precious Metal Clay Flex Silver Clay

Quickly dry your PMC Flex jewellery with this hand drying assembly. Easy to assemble and use this product is excellent if you already have a kiln and need a method to dry your PMC Flex first. For PMC Flex only.

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Already have a kiln, but want to dry your PMC Flex in preparation for firing or sculpting? This affordable and handy drying assembly is perfect to dry rings or other similar size PMC Flex pieces quickly and easily.

To assemble simply bend the metal mesh to form a tray as depicted in the photos, place the tray and candle on the heat proof mat with the candle directly under the mesh tray then place the ceramic soot catcher on top. To cure your PMC Flex set it on top of the ceramic soot catcher and set the candle alight. Curing usually takes around 30 minutes. To test if your jewellery has cured completely, remove from heat and place on a cool glass surface, if condensation forms on the glass return your jewellery piece to the heat until the process above does not yield any condensation.

PMC Flex uses a special organic binder that has amazing properties making this silver clay more flexible and pliable than other types. Less brittle and possessing more plasticity, allowing it to be moulded like no other, PMC Flex also retains moisture longer than other PMC types, reducing the chance of your clay cracking or crumbling while moulding. PMC Flex can be sintered with a butane torch or other low heat methods. Additionally PMC Flex can retain a degree of flexibility after being dried, reducing the chance of breakage.

This product is to quickly dry PMC Flex in preparation for firing or final finishing, rather than air drying which can take days. For PMC Flex only. Not suitable for other types of PMC. Not suitable for children, use in a well ventilated area, do not leave unattended and keep away from flammable objects.

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