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Precious Metal Clay Silver Stove Top Mini Kiln Jewelry Making Kit, for Sintering PMC Silver Clay Pendants & Rings

This stand alone stove top pan kiln is a great and affordable way to ensure you sinter your PMC3, PMC+ or other silver clay product correctly and with ease. Works on your standard gave stove or portable gas cooker.

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You're looking at a stove top mini kiln, designed to fire silver or gold clay pendants or rings. Just shape some PMC silver clay to your desired shape and fire over a gas stove using this tray.

Make your own jewellery on your desk or table with a portable gas stove or in the kitchen on your stove top!

To use this PMC Precious Metal Silver Clay Jewelry & Ring Kiln, Mini Pan Stove Top Oven, simply place your sculpted and dried Silver Clay creation in the centre of the pan and place on your gas stove, bend the provided mesh to fashion an ember catcher / heat distributor over the pan as illustrated and turn your gas stove to its highest setting. Once the base of the pan glows red hot, allow your Silver Clay Creation to fire as recommended by the Silver Clay manufacturer. Once the recommended time has elapsed, turn off the stove an allow your jewellery item to cool naturally before polishing. A laser temperature gauge is recommended to ensure correct temperature is reached.

The circular tray measures 15cm in diameter and is 1cm in depth at its shallowest point, the ember catcher mesh measures approximately 9cm in width and approximately 5cm in height when correctly assembled. All items fired in this kiln should fit within the ember catcher in order to fire correctly.

Instructions are in Japanese, but the pictorial guide is easy to follow. Simply follow the instructions that came with your Metal Clay.

To determine optimal temperature, a laser temperature gauge is recommended. PMC3, PMC Flex and PMC+ are recommended for the kiln in this listing. Not suitable for electric stoves or ovens, use only with a gas stove, do not use over a fire fuelled by other means.

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