Pourable Liquid Epoxy Silicone RTV Moulding Compound For Jewellery Moulds 100g

This quality epoxy moulding compound is excellent to make your rubberised moulds, perfect for making jewelery moulds or textured tiles.

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This pourable liquid epoxy moulding compound is excellent to make rubberised moulds, perfect for PMC jewellery moulds or textured tiles.

Simply mix equal amounts of parts A and B of the compound in the amount needed and stir until the colour is uniform and there is no marbling, this is best done by weighing the parts equally in a disposable container. Once the compound is thoroughly mixed place the clean item or texture you wish to copy in a vessel. Using a non-silicone oil, lubricate the item and vessel well with a thin coat of oil before pouring the mixed compound into the vessel, ensuring there are no air pockets or debris, and leave for 30 minutes. The compound will begin to cure after 4 minutes and will be ready to use after 30 minutes from when it was first mixed. If your item and vessel have been oiled sufficiently the new silicone mould can be easily removed from the vessel, remove the item you have moulded by trimming away the excess silicone or cutting the mould in two, once this is done your mould should be ready to use. Avoid using overly elaborate shapes to prevent your item from becoming trapped in the mould.

Made in Germany for the Japan market.

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