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Kyoshin Elle Japanese Leathercraft 10g Alcohol Based Yellow Powdered Oil Dye, for Dyeing Untreated Vegetable Tanned Leather

Up to 500ml of alcohol based oil dye in a convenient powdered form, ensuring low cost and easy transportation. Simply mix with alcohol to achieve a high quality oil dye for your untreated vegetable tanned leather.

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This outstanding leather dye is perfect for dyeing your leather work and comes in convenient powdered form ensuring easy transportation and storage. Why pay a fortune in transportation costs for a bottle of dye when this convenient powdered dye comes to you at a fraction of the price?

This powdered dye, when mixed with colorless Denatured Alcohol (also called Methylated Spirits, Wood Spirit, or Denatured Rectified Spirit), penetrates your untreated vegetable-tanned leather deeper and faster than water-based alternatives while drying faster. And, being in powdered form, is not subject to stringent postal regulations that flammable premixed oil-based dyes are.

Simply mix one tub of dye with up to 500ml of colorless Denatured Alcohol (less for more vibrant colors), stir thoroughly, making sure the crystals do not clump together, and let sit for at least 1 hour. Once the powdered dye has dissolved simply apply it to untreated vegetable-tanned leather with a soft-bristled brush using even strokes. For consistent results, it is recommended that you lightly case your leather with water before applying the dye. Seal the unused portion of the mixture in an alcohol-proof vessel.

Please note that it is possible for a few of the dye crystals not to fully dissolve in colorless Denatured Alcohol and settle on the bottom of your vessel, should this happen please ensure the undissolved crystals avoid contact with your leather to prevent streaking.

Available in many colors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This dye is designed to be mixed with colorless Denatured Alcohol only (rubbing alcohol, or other kinds of alcohol are not suitable for this product) and the resulting mixture is meant for untreated vegetable-tanned leather only. This dye is for undyed and untreated vegetable-tanned leather used in leathercraft and may not be suitable for treated leather such as factory-produced handbags, table tops, car seats, leather couches, jackets, etc., as many (but not all) of these items have been pre-dyed and treated to resist dyeing and many have a plastic coating that will prevent the absorption of this dye. To test the suitability of this dye on pre-treated leather or chrome-tanned leather, thoroughly clean the leather you wish to dye with suitable cleansing fluid and place a drop of alcohol on the treated area (mild rubbing may be required). If the leather absorbs the alcohol without damaging the leather then this dye should be suitable, however, please note that, unless your leather is untreated vegetable-tanned leather we cannot guarantee the results and recommend you contact the manufacturer of your item for further details. We recommend you always test this dye first on a small patch of leather before committing to an entire project if you are unsure your leather is suitable.

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