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Nitto Gakku Reusable PMC Mould Silver Art Clay Wrist Measuring Heat Proof Bracelet Firing Mold Pellet 6cm Small, for Jewelry Making

Ensure your PMC bracelets are the correct size every time with this heat proof bracelet mould for silver clay that you can fire with your PMC creations. Quality made in Japan this mould is available in small, medium and large.

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This small heat-proof bracelet mold is the a great tool for keeping the shape and form of PMC or metal clay bracelets and bangles during firing. This reusable bracelet pellet is also long-lasting, making it an amazing addition to your jewelry tool kit. This bangle pellet measures approximately 2.3 or 6 cm in diameter. This product also comes with a heat-resistant paper to prevent the sticking of the metal clay into the mold. 

To start with, simply put the heat-proof paper around the mold and use an adhesive tape to secure it. Then, put your metal clay bracelet around the paper and when the clay has dried up, sinter it with the mold or pellet to ensure a perfect fit. 

Available Sizes (each sold separately):

  • Small (6cm)
  • Medium (6.4cm)
  • Large (6.9cm)

Item ID 20770
Condition New
Manufacturer Nitto Gakku
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 100 g