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Seiwa Glitter Green 35ml Fabrier Pigment Fabric Dyeing Color Water Based Acrylic Resin Leathercraft & Fabric Paint

This transparent paint for leather and fabric with metal particles can be used to personalize your garments, purses, and shoes. There are nine Fabrier Glitter hues to choose from.

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This Fabrier Glitter is used to personalize a wide range of goods, including apparel, leather, bags, and shoes. It has remarkable elasticity and flexibility, so it won't easily break when folded or stretched, allowing you to enjoy the vibrant color without worrying about your design cracking or disintegrating. Cotton, rayon, hemp, silk, polyester, and denim are some of the dyeable materials that can be used. Aluminum grains in Fabrier Glitter reflect light, giving it a shimmering look. This green Fabrier Glitter variant can be mixed with any other Fabrier Glitter color (each sold separately).

Fabrier can be painted freehand using a brush, cotton, or other similar tool, or stamped and stenciled. When a textile fabric is dry enough to touch with your fingertips, iron it at the right temperature for the fabric. Apply the leather fix or leather light spray as a finishing agent once it has dried completely. The drying time is approximately 20-30 minutes (one day for complete drying). If you're having trouble applying the Fabre, dilute it with water or a Fabrier diluent. Water dilution can cause stains, whereas Fabrier Diluent is stain-free and enhances fixing power.

Available Fabrier Glitter Colors (sold separately):

• Yellow
• Red
• Pink
• Green
• Purple
• Violet
• Blue
• Silver
• Rainbow


• 35ml


• Acrylic resin 
• Water-based pigment
• Aluminum pieces

If the surface is treated or oil is applied, the color may fade. It is recommended that the cloth be washed in hot water or with a neutral detergent before dyeing. It is not recommended to mix different types of Fabrier dyes to Fabrier Glitter, such as Regular and Pop, as the ingredients are different.

Please note the following: 

  • This listing is for Fabrier Glitter Green 35ml only. Photos showing other objects are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.
  • This product is not suitable for leather repair, or to otherwise improve the cosmetic appearance of damaged leather.

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