Suncraft 6pcs Yoshiharu Wood Carving Tool Kit U V Gouge Skewed Chisel Set

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Make great wood carvings with this great set of wood carving tools from Japan. These mid-size wood carving tools come with a mini whetstone for sharpening and are guaranteed to be razor-sharp straight out of the packaging.

Please note the background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Overall length: 18cm (varies depending on tool)
  • Handle length 15cm
  • Handle width: 1.2cm ~ 1.5cm

This kit includes the following wood carving tools:

  • Flat Chisel, 8mm
  • Gouge, 3mm
  • Gouge, 5mm
  • Gouge, 9mm
  • V-Parting Tool, 5mm
  • Skew Chisel, 7mm

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