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Suncraft WB-300 Japanese Kogatana Woodworking Whittling Tool Utility Knife 34mm for Trimming Wood Carving & Chip Carving

One of Suncrafts collection of wood carving knife that can be surely great for whittling, cutting and removing off materials in your wood carving.

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This affordable Suncraft Japanese wood carving knife is great for cutting excess wood from wood carving project, or simply as a handy utility knife as you're out and about in the countryside. It can also be good at defining patterns of your work, can be used at removing unwanted materials or even designing your project. This Japanese wood carving tool has excellent quality steel with a comfortable handle, made for the Japanese market. 

Item dimension: 

  • Blade size: Length of blade 34mm
  • Total length with handle: 175mm

Item ID 21053
Condition New
Model WB-300 287003
Manufacturer Suncraft
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 98 g
Dimensions 175×0×0mm