Sunland Whet Stone Machine Oil for Knife Sharpening Oil Stones & Strops 100ml

Ensure your sharpening and stropping are done right with this oil stone and strop oil. Perfect for leather knives of all types, great for sharpening other knives too!

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This 100ml bottle of mineral oil is designed to lubricate Oil Stones and Strops, allowing for the optimal sharpening of all kinds of knives such as swivel knives, scissors, Japanese Leather Knives, etc.

Don't risk rough sharpening or damaging your expensive knife by getting the edge caught on the grit of a whet stone. This Sunland Oil will ensure smooth and even sharpening of your blade, it will also help prevent rust if left on your knife.

Should you wish to use this product to sharpen cutlery, please ensure all oil has been thoroughly washed from your blade before allowing it to contact food.

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