Takagi Japanese Wood Carving Tool Flat Chisel 7.5mm for Woodworking

This quality, heat treated professional Japanese wood carving tool will ensure quality results, and is excellent for lettering or squaring off your wood work, and more!

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Quality is one thing you have to maintain in your woodworking chisel.

The Takagi 7.5mm Wood Carving Chisel gives you the best of cuts and curves in your woodwork. The chisel's design is carefully designed and produced, allowing you to make very precise cuts and have total control in the process. The blade is made from heat-treated carbon laminated steel for maximum strength to meet your woodcarving needs. Expect the chisel to last as it comes with a deep penetrating tang and a heat-treated shank, which helps prevent corrosion adding to the chisel's durability and precision.

The handle is generously spaced to allow for comfortable use with one or both hands.

The grid in the pictures is in millimetres.

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