Takagi Japanese Wood Carving Tool Flat Chisel 7.5mm Knife

This quality, heat treated professional Japanese wood carving tool will ensure quality results, and is excellent for lettering or squaring off your wood work, and more!

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Why settle for less than the best when it comes to a woodworking chisel? Get more out of every cut and carve with this Takagi wood carving tool!
This Takagi wood carving chisel is the absolute best that Japan has to offer. Every detail of this woodworking tool has been carefully designed and produced to allow it to make clean, precise cuts with maximum control. Only the absolute best materials go into handcrafting the carving tool. The blade is constructed out of high carbon laminated steel and is heat-treated for added strength. A deep penetrating tang and a corrosion-resistant, heat-treated shank add to the durability and precision of this professional grade tool. A generously sized handle that you can hold with one or two hands perfectly completes the design..
On the grid shown above, one square is equal in size to one square millimeter.

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