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Takagi 225g 8oz Japanese White Rubber Mallet Hammer, with Wooden Handle, for Woodworking, Leathercraft, & Jewelry Making

This brand new high quality rubber hammer with wooden handle is great for most general types of wood working. Hammer your wood works with this affordable Japanese made rubber mallet without the risk of damaging your tools.

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You are looking at a brand new high quality rubber hammer with wooden handle that's made in Japan. This hammer is great for when you want to avoid the damage a metal or wooden hammer or mallet would cause. Hammer your tools without the risk of damaging your expensive leathercraft or jewellers tools with a conventional metal hammer or wooden mallet, or drive home delicate objects without denting them. The head of this tool is white, which limits the marks it can leave behind when compared to black coloured rubber mallets.

This hammer weighs about 320g (head about 227g). The diameter is about 52 mm, and its hit surface is about 46mm, and 305mm in overall length. Not recommended for driving in nails, or tasks requiring a metal head.

Item ID 21065
Condition New
Manufacturer Takagi
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 370 g