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Washin Paint Color Wax 200g Woodcarving Water Coloured Wood Finish Oak Brown

Washin Paint Water-Based Color Wax is a quick drying paint that does not leave a sticky texture, perfect for your wooden furniture, decors, and antiques.

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When applied, this water-based wood Color Wax, by Washin Paint of Japan, will give your woodcraft a rich oak brown finish. It can be used to color wooden furniture, decorations, accessories, wood carvings, and other similar objects at home. This product is water-based so it does not harm both the user or the surface of your wood products.

It can be mixed with other Washin Paint Water-Based Color Wax products (sold separately) for more colorful wood projects. This product is specially formulated to dry near instantly after polishing.


• Wax
• Pigments
• Additives
• Anti Freezing Agent and Others
• Water

Product Data:

• Weight - 200g
• Coating area - 3.3 square meters of wood

Available Colors (sold seperately):

• Natural 
• Teak (Light Brown)
• Walnut 
• Oak
• Ebony (Black)
• Red
• Yellow
• Blue

To use this Water-Based Color Wax, first, smooth the surface of the wood. Remove any dirt or debris on the surface of the wood before applying. Put a small amount of wax on a piece of cloth and spread it along with the wood. When dry, wipe off excess wax.

This listing is for Washin Paint Water-Based Color Wax Oak Brown only, photos depicting other colors are for illustrative purposes only.

Please note: Wear gloves and safety goggles when applying this product.

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