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Yoita Japanese Wood Carving Tool 15mm Woodcarving U Gouge, with Wooden Handle, to Carve Channels & Hollows in Woodworking

This excellent, mid range, wood carving chisel is great for most general applications when carving wood. Made from high quality, laminated steel, this excellent tool will give many years of use.

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You can easily use a hammer or mallet on this tool. The blade made of carbon steel and the wooden handle of this tool can withstand the blows made for the cuts. You can make all sorts of cuts to the wood with this ultra-sharp blade. This not only saves your time but also tends to add efficiency to the work. You can make the following types of cuts with this tool:

This tool helps you in making the following cuts easily:

  • Push cuts
  • Pull cuts
  • Chop cuts
  • Sweep cuts

The grid appearing in the background of tool image is in square millimeters.

Item ID 20181
Condition New
Manufacturer Yoita
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 210 g