Yoitarikikougyou Japanese Wood Carving V Tool Parting Gouge Chisel 9mm Knife

This excellent, mid range, wood carving chisel is great for parting or carving lines in wood. Made from high quality, laminated steel, this excellent tool will give many years of use. The angle of the V is 70 degrees.

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This hand made, full size, V tool (or Parting tool) is perfect for parting or carving lines in the toughest of wood, the V angle is 70 degrees, offering a good balance between deep and broad cuts. This tool has no keel.

This V tool comes with a fine wood handle and hoop for taking solid hammer blows. Its blade and shank are hand crafted in Japan from high carbon, laminated steel, ensuring a long lasting blade that is sharp straight out of the packaging. The blade is exceptionally long and will last through many sharpenings, it has been treated to resist corrosion and can be re-sharpened with ease.

This wood carving tool is a mid-range tool that is great for most general carving applications.

The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

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