Yoshihiro Woodcarving Carpenters Socket Chisel U Gouge 24mm Japanese Woodworking Tool, White Paper No.2 Steel Blade, Red Oak Handle | Goods Japan

Yoshihiro Woodcarving Carpenters Socket Chisel U Gouge 24mm Japanese Woodworking Tool, White Paper No.2 Steel Blade, Red Oak Handle

Experience precision and craftsmanship with the Yoshihiro Woodcarving Carpenters Socket Chisel U Gouge. This 24mm Japanese wood carving tool features a White Paper No.2 steel blade and a Red Oak handle for optimal control. Perfect for intricate wood carving projects. Elevate your woodworking skills today.

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This 24mm Japanese wood carving tool is a game-changer for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Crafted with a White Paper No.2 steel blade, renowned for its exceptional sharpness and durability, and paired with a Red Oak handle for a comfortable grip, this chisel is built to exceed expectations.

The U gouge design enables intricate and detailed wood carving, allowing you to bring your artistic visions to life effortlessly. The socket construction ensures a secure blade-to-handle connection, providing optimal control and stability during your carving sessions. Crafted by Yoshihiro, a brand synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, this chisel is meticulously designed for exceptional performance. Whether you're sculpting delicate patterns, shaping intricate details, or creating smooth finishes, this tool is your reliable companion.

To use, choose a suitable wood piece for your carving project. Make sure it is secured in place either with clamps or a sturdy workbench and check the blade for any dullness or damage, if needed, sharpen the blade using a sharpening stone or a honing guide to achieve optimal cutting performance. Hold the chisel firmly but comfortably using the Red Oak handle, before positioning the blade perpendicular to the wood surface where you want to make a cut. Begin by striking the end of the handle with a mallet or maul, making light and controlled strokes to create a groove or initial cut, before gradually increasing the pressure as you gain confidence and control. When carving, it's crucial to follow the natural grain of the wood, this ensures smoother cuts and minimizes the risk of splitting or damaging the wood. Experiment with different angles and techniques to achieve desired shapes and textures, and adjust the tilt and depth of the chisel as needed to create intricate details.

Product Data:

  • Brand: Yoshihiro,
  • Blade Type: U Gouge Single Bevel,
  • Blade Width: 24mm,
  • Blade Edge Material: Yasuki White Paper No.2 Steel,
  • Handle Material: Red oak,
  • Ferrule Material: Iron,
  • Best suited for: Professional Users and Experts,
  • Benefits: Crafted by skill artisans, laminated blade retains its harness and cuts well, while being easy to sharpen,

After use, clean the chisel with a soft cloth to remove any wood debris or dust. Store it in a safe and dry place to prevent rust or damage. Keep out of the reach of children, ensure you are wearing appropriate protective gear such as safety goggles and gloves before using the chisel.

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Manufacturer Yoshihiro
Manufacturing country Japan
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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 172×24×22mm