Craft Sha 36mm Japanese Traditional Lethercraft Skiver & Utility Leather Knife

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This is a brand new and affordable high-end Japanese traditional skiving and utility knife. The 36mm Japanese Traditional Utility Leather Knife is great for skiving and cutting leather.

The knife is handmade from Japan using a high quality tempered steel that is designed for high wear resistance. The blade comes carefully hand sharpened to a high reflective polish that is razor sharp and ready to use out of the package.

For cutting, place your leather on a hard flat surface, like glass. Insert the appropriate corner of the blade and pull the knife towards you, twisting the blade in the direction you wish to cut.

For skiving, place your leather with the flesh side up and the edge you wish to skive facing away from you on a hard flat surface. Holding the knife with the bevel facing upwards with the edge of the blade facing in the same direction of the edge the angle of the leather, cut your leather outwards or across from where you would like the skive to begin straight through the edge of the leather.

Blade measures at 36mm

Made in Japan

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