PMC Silver Art Clay Jewellery Blank Straight Ring 15.7mm-16.5mm US 5-6, UK J½-L½

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You're looking at a dried silver clay ring that's perfect for etching, decorating with art clay or encrusting with jewels to create a single piece silver ring of your own design that's been professionally pre-shaped.

This ring will hold its shape, yet can be safely drilled, etched or have additional silver clay added to it before firing. Treat as dried PMC. Easy to repair if snapped or broken, simply stick back together with PMC paste!

Don't risk your ring looking uneven, save time and money with great looking results. Create your own jewellery for fun or profit!

Designed for fingers 15.7mm-16.5mm in diameter. US size 5 - 6, UK, Ireland and Australia size J½ - L½ Heat for 5 minutes at 900 degrees Celsius, or 20 minutes at 600 degrees Celsius.

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