x5 Leathercraft Hardware Silver Stud + Backscrew for Leather 10mm x 8mm

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This pack of five nickel plated solid brass studs are perfect for fastening your leatherwork. The height of the stud is 8mm, the neck is 4mm and the bulb 6.5mm with a base of 10mm. This does not include the screw, the head of the screw is 1.5mm thick and 10mm in diameter, the threaded screw post is 6mm long for a total height of 6.5mm.

This rugged piece of hardware has been selected from hundreds of Japanese made items based on its longevity and durability that you would expect to find only on the finest handcrafted leatherwork.

We understand that of the hundreds of options available to you, the most important feature is quality, hence we select only hardware that fulfills the following criteria:

  • Solid, not hollow, construction,
  • Will not excessively bend even under extreme day-to-day use,
  • Made of high quality materials (never inexpensive alloys),
  • No play or loose parts,
  • No excessively thin or weak components.

Each product must survive a battery of tests to ensure its quality before being selected for sale, so you can be assured that every piece of hardware is of the highest quality in its class and is ready for the most demanding use. Sizes given are measured from sample pieces and may vary slightly. The background grid depicted in the pictures denote one centimetre per square.

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