Art Clay Gold k22 Precious Metal Clay PMC 22 Carat 916 Gold Art Clay 3g Gold (Gold 91.7% & Silver 8.3 after Firing), for Jewellery Making | Goods Japan

Art Clay Gold k22 Precious Metal Clay PMC 22 Carat 916 Gold Art Clay 3g Gold (Gold 91.7% & Silver 8.3 after Firing), for Jewellery Making

Make gold jewellery in any shape your heart desired with this 3g packet of Gold Clay from Art Clay of Japan. Once fired and fully sintered this Art Clay gold will produce a 22 Carat gold piece that is an excellent balance between long lasting durability and high gold purity.

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Make 22 Carat gold jewellery with this high quality Gold clay from ArtClay of Japan, perfect for when only gold will do.

Make rings, pendants, earrings, accessories, with similar ease as you would with Silver Clay, but with a metal of much higher value for fun or profit. Make your own wedding band, or that a high value gift for that special someone, which will last a lifetime.

To use, simply remove Art Clay Gold from its packaging, then shape as desired, adding small amounts of water to prevent crumbling or flaking. Once the desired shape has been obtained, allow to dry, either by using a hair dryer for at least 15mins., placing the dryer 15cm from the gold clay piece, place in an oven or kiln for at least 10 minutes at 180℃. (330°F), or let air dry at room temperature for at least 24 hours in moderate to low humidity. Drying time of Gold Clay may vary depending on the size of your jewellery creation. To check if fully dried, place the Gold Clay piece on a flat mirror and wait for 10~20 seconds before removing the piece. If there is no condensation left behind your piece should be dry. Note: The organic binder begins to burn away at 250 degree Celsius. To fire, place in a kiln at 990℃ (1814°F) for at least 60 minutes, if in doubt, sinter longer. Always follow the included instructions for best results.

To bond separate pieces of Art Clay Gold together or to mend a crack, you can easily make Art Clay Gold Paste. To make Art Clay Gold Paste simply place a small amount of regular Art Clay Gold in a small plate, and add a few drops of water, before mixing it thoroughly and evenly with an appropriate tool, such as a stylus, until it has an appropriately thin consistency, then apply as necessary.

Product Data

  • Ingredients: Gold powder, organic binder, water,
  • Purity after sintering: 22k Gold, 916 Gold (Gold 91.7% Silver 8.3%)
  • Metal Weight: 3g
  • Sintering Temperature and Time: 990℃ (1814°F) for at least 60 minutes
  • Made in Japan

Exercise caution when sintering to avoid breakage and injury, keep out of the reach of children. Photos depicting actual finish jewellery are for illustrative purposes only and are not included in the listing, this listing is for 3g of Art Clay Gold Clay k22 only.

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