Electric Wood Carving Automach Power Carver Blade 9mm Left Skew-Angled Chisel

Unlock the carving possibilities with a variety of these handy blades, excellent for angeled corners, for use with the Automach Power Carving tools

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This left Skew Angled Chisel is a high quality blade to accompany your Automach power carving machine. Simply attach the bit to the main carver using the provided wrench, and you are on your way to easy, smooth carving.

This sharp chisel cuts at an angle, allowing for straight lines and other interesting shapes in the wood. As the blade is skewed on the left side, it is designed for left-handed carvers as well as those who prefer carving on the left. See what this trusty blade can do for you.

Please be aware that these accessory blades are only guaranteed to be compatible with the Automach Power Carver Electric Wood Carving Machines. Not guaranteed to work with other electric woodcarving tools. Made with the utmost quality in Japan.

Please note: The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

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