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Basco Leathercraft Edge Coat, Brown Leather Edge Dye Dressing Kote Finish

Ensure your edges are dressed professionally with this Basco leathercraft edge dye, formulated with flexible latex, this leather edge dressing comes with a built-in applicator and comes in many standard and exotic colours, including white, black, yellow, beige, dark brown, red, brown, navy blue, green and blue.

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By getting yourself the all-new latex-based Basco Leathercraft Edge Brown Edge dye, you will be setting yourself up to achieving professional dressing on your leather edges. You also get an inbuilt applicator that makes the process much easier.

Compared to other edge sealants and dyes, the Basco leathercraft dye is more flexible and has a very low risk of peeling or cracking when cured on leather expected to experience flexing. This leather edge dye is an excellent choice for renewing your factory leather goods, leathercraft project or on leather items such as wallets and bags.

Before you can apply it on leather edges, remove the outer and inner caps and replace them with the applicator after saturating it using the edge dye. Apply the edge dye on the leathercraft edges until you achieve youe desired amount then leave it to dry.

Ensure that you shake it well before use and clean it after use. If you are using factory treated leather, clean up the treatment by using a fine-grit paper.

Please note that our dyes are designed for use on vegetable-tanned leather only. This leather edge dye can also work on any leather that can absorb it. However, if your leather is sealed, it will not absorb the dye or enamel and might start peeling after a while. You can try to solve this by roughening up your leather edges using a sandpaper or Emory board, which will expose the absorbent or grain surface that you can apply the edge dye. This is not a guarantee that this method will work. Always take the necessary precautions to protect your leatherwork from damage by first using a disposable leather item to test this method. If you get the desired results, you can proceed to the actual project.

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