Craft Sha Leather Craft Kit Stitching Wheel Groover Spacer Wax Needle Awl Set

Looking to get started with leather stitching? This introductory kit is one of our best sellers and perfect for making professional looking leathercraft sewing work. Comes with an awl, thread, groover, overstitch wheel, wax and needles, all made in Japan

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Great value! Cheaper than buying each item individually!

You're looking at a complete leathercraft sewing kit with thread, wax, diamond shaped awl, needles, stitching roulette (with three additional sizes, four in total) and adjustable stitching groover. The points on the Overstitch wheels are 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm apart. The awl's blade is approximately 2.3mm (0.09) in width at its widest point at the base and is one of the finest awls we have, the awl measures 31mm in length.

All items are made in Japan and are of excellent quality. All these leather tools are guaranteed to be sharp, straight out of the packaging. This kit is an excellent way to get introduced to the art of hand sewing leather at a great price.

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