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Craft Sha Leathercraft Dye 70ml Dark Brown Coba Coat Leather Edge Color Coating

This acrylic edge dye ensures a professional finish on the edges of your leather; it comes with a built-in applicator for easy application.

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You're looking at a 70ml (2.4 oz.) bottle of leather edge finish with applicator, which will preserve the edges of your leather and give it a professional shine.

Simply remove the outer cap and inner cap (behind the applicator), then reattach and saturate the applicator in edge dye. Make sure your leather is clean and free of any treatments or contaminants before running the wet applicator around the edge of your leatherwork until the desired amount is applied and leave to dry.

Shake well before use. Wash applicator after use. Available in clear, brown, dark brown and black.

Please keep in mind that all of our edge dyes and enamels are intended for vegetable-tanned leather. If your leather can absorb the dye or enamel, it should work; however, if your leather is sealed and the dye or enamel cannot absorb, it may peel off over time. It may be feasible to use an Emory board or sandpaper to roughen the edge of your leather, revealing the grain or absorbent surface, before applying the edge dye. However, because we cannot guarantee that this process will work in every situation, please take steps to protect your leatherwork and always test this method on a disposable first item to see if it will provide the desired results before moving on to your actual project.

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