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Craft Sha Japanese Leathercraft Tools Leather Stamping & Dyeing Starter Kit

A great leathercraft stamping and dyeing kit with everything you need to get started, including a wallet, stamps, poundo board, sound deadener, dyes and more! Instructions are in Japanese but easily understood by the non-Japanese speaker.

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    This kit has a complete set of specially selected tools and chemicals needed to get started in making leathercraft carving and stamping. Whether you're a seasoned leather crafter or new to this excellent hobby, this kit has all you need to make professional leather products at the craft level.

    This kit contains:

    • x5 water based leather dyes 15cc (Red, Green, Yellow, light green, black),
    • Glossy leather lacquer 15cc,
    • A wooden mallet,
    • Seeder stamp,
    • Clown stamp,
    • Rabbit stamp,
    • Butterfly stamp,
    • Camouflage stamp,
    • Star burst stamp,
    • Oval Pattern stamp,
    • Star stamp,
    • Clover stamp,
    • Mule foot stamp,
    • Veiner stamp,
    • Basket weave stamp,
    • Ball Point Stylus,
    • Fine Japanese brush,
    • Broad Japanese brush,
    • High density foam applicator,
    • Leather for a purse,
    • x2 Coaster,
    • x2 key chains,
    • Poundo Board,
    • Sound Deadener,
    • Instructions (Japanese),

    This kit has all you need for all your stamping and colouring needs. An excellent way to get introduced to the art of hand sewing leather at an excellent price. Great as a gift!

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