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Craft Sha Leathercraft Tool Adjustable 11mm Pro Special Brass M Swivel Knife

This high-quality swivel knife enables for accurate cutting of intricate pattern lines, making it excellent for leatherworking tasks.

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This Craft Sha professional-grade, completely adjustable swivel knife includes an ergonomic finger cup and a high-quality built-in ball bearing to provide the smoothest possible motion while carving shapes into leather. With an Allen key, the finger cup may be adjusted in length, making these swivel knives suitable for almost any hand size. Your hands will feel comfortable using this tool with the correct length adjustment, allowing you to carve more intricately. The body of this unique tool is knurled for a better grip.

This tool may be used to pre-cut leather before tooling or to carve patterns into your leather if a blade properly attached. This high-quality swivel knife is a very convenient and helpful tool for any leather worker's collection. To adjust this tool's length, unfasten the grub screw using an Allen Key, then lift or lower the finger cup to adjust the length, then tighten the grub screw to secure.

Available sizes and models (each sold separately):

  • Pro Special M (11mm)
  • Pro Special Brass M (11mm)
  • Pro Special S (9.5mm)
  • Pro Special Brass S (9.5mm)

Please note that the blade for this swivel knife is sold separately, and is not included with this product.

This listing is for the Pro Special Brass M (11mm) only. Photos showing other objects are for illustrative purposes only.

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