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Craft Sha Leathercraft Tool Adjustable Black 9.5mm Pro Special S Swivel Knife

A high-quality ball bearing is located beneath the finger cup of this premium swivel knife, allowing for easy and smooth knife control when cutting leather.

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This high grade, fully adjustable swivel knife from Craft Sha with ergonomic finger cup has an exceptional smooth motion, thanks to its built-in ball bearing mechanism, providing unrivalled frictionless movement and incredible balance. This tool's knurled body provides exceptional gripping qualities, and the grip is designed to ergonomically fit your fingertips. This swivel knife is made in Japan to exceptionally high standards and is among the best you'll get for the price. This tool's black color is the symbol color of Craft Sha's KS series of leathercraft tools that are designed for utility and accuracy.

To adjust the length of this tool, just loosen the grub screw with an Allen key, adjust the finger cup as desired, and then tighten the grub screw. The KS series was established in response to user feedback and is designed to offer "tools that fit in everyone's hands."

Available sizes and models (each sold separately):

  • Pro Special M (11mm)
  • Pro Special Brass M (11mm)
  • Pro Special S (9.5mm)
  • Pro Special Brass S (9.5mm)

Please note that the blade for swivel knife is sold separately, and is not included.

This listing is for the Pro Special S (9.5mm) only. Photos showing other objects are for illustrative purposes only.

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