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Kaimei YO Japanese Refillable Calligraphy Water Paint Brush Pen, with Cover, for Painting Asian Characters, Hand Letterings, & Art Pieces

This reusable and refillable Japanese calligraphy brush pen is the best water brush for creating beautiful hand letterings, writing Asian characters like Chinese letters, and painting outstanding art pieces.

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This Japanese refillable calligraphy water brush pen is perfect for painting, writing Asian characters such as Chinese characters, and creating amazing cursive letterings. This affordable calligraphy paint brush is eco-friendly and reusable, so you can create incredible art works with water and watercolor paints.  This brush is suitable for beginners and professionals, as well as for children and adults.

This calligraphy brush pen is lightweight and convenient to use which allows you to draw medium to large lines depending on the brush pressure. With this refillable calligraphy paint brush, you can definitely achieve the beautiful letter stroke, improve your letter hand writing and create amazing art works. This brush is approximately 22.5 centimeters in length.

Note: Always put the cover or cap back on after using this calligraphy brush.

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