Leather Belt Strap English Point End Punch Leathercraft Tracing Stencil & Ruler

Simply place this stencil on your belt of strap and trace or cut around the edges to produce a professional looking English Point in multiple size far larger than a punch can. Truly a unique tool.

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You're looking at a leathercraft stencil designed to trace and measure the edges of a strap end.

Excellent for drawing cut marks for curved cutting especially for belts and straps from 15mm up to 40mm and beyond with a theoretical limit of belts and straps 80mm wide! Try doing that with your end punch!

Simply lay the stencil on top of your strap parallel with the edge and trace your line or trace your cut along the full length of the curved edge. Turn the stencil over and repeat for the other side of your strap to reveal a clean, smooth, symmetrical English Point end.

This stencil also comes with several belt holes drilled into it to ensure you can accurately mark belt and strap holes as needed.

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