Craft Sha Leather Craft Antique Carving & Tooling Dye Gel Stain Light Brown No.5

Dye your carved leatherwork with this non-toxic, vibrantly coloured leather carving gel dye that will be as easy on the nose as it will on the eyes.

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You're looking at a brand new 100ml jar of water based Carving dye (No. 5 on the colour chart), highlighting crevasses, stampings and carving.

Water based gels have the advantage of being water soluble and therefore easier to wipe off while being slower to dry. First rub this highly viscose paste into carved or tooled leather with a brush or gloved hands, before briskly wiping off the excess carving dye using a dry cloth. If needed a damp cloth can used to remove stubborn stains. Repeat as necessary. Once the desired finish is achieved, leave to dry before buffing with a lint free cloth and applying you favourite lacquer. Please note this gel will dry rapidly, so make sure to wipe it off quickly.

This is an excellent way to set your leather carving apart as well as saving valuable time that would be spent conventionally dyeing your leather.

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