Craft Sha 9oz Leathercraft Rawhide Hammer Jewelers Mallet for Leather Work

This quality made Japanese rawhide jewellers leather head mallet is great to hammer your leather or jewellery tools, available in 6oz and 9 oz heads.

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You're looking at a brand new high quality 9oz raw hide leather jewellers hammer that is made in Japan. This hammer's head has been treated with lacquer and double screwed for long life.

Don't risk damaging your expensive leather craft or jewellers tools with a conventional metal hammer or wooden mallet.

This mallet measures 29cm in overall length, with the head being 4cm in diameter and 8.5cm in length, and the handle being 3cm x 2.5cm wide at the grip.

Buy this professional leather hammer now! This high quality tool is an excellent addition to your leather workshop.

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