Craft Sha Leathercraft Maul, Hammer Leather Tools & Leatherwork 15oz 420g Mallet

Make sure it's a solid blow every time with this heavy weight, quality made Japanese wood and polyester Maul.

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This solid wood and polyester leathercraft Maul is an excellent way to bring maximum force to bear on your leathercraft when punching holes, stamping, making stitching or lacing holes or any other tasks that require a forceful strike that won't damage your tools.

Why strike your tools with a light wooden or polyester mallet multiple times with tiering light blows and risk head flexing which can knock your tool from place causing permenant damage to your leatherwork? Bring the heavy wieght of this wood and polyester maul to bear with every hit, safe in the knowledge that this solid tool will not flex on contact.

Do not damage your tools with a metal head hammer or risk inferior results with a wooden or polyester head mallet, get this heavy weight Maul today.

Measures 210mm in overall length, the wood handle is 30mm at it's thickest point and is 128mm long (not including the nut at the end). The head is 50mm in diameter and the length of the Polyester part is 50mm.

Ensure the bolt is screwed on to the desired tightness for best results.

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