Kyoshin Elle Leathercraft Deluxe Leather Edge Beveller + Sharpener 1.2mm Edger 3

This Kyoshin Elle leathercraft tool is of outstanding quality and is capable of bevelling the edges of your leather cleanly and with ease time and again thanks to it's ability to be sharpened. Comes with blade sharpener and in five sizes 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.4mm.

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The Kyoshin Elle Deluxe Edge Beveller size 3 is a new tool with a cutting edge of 1.2mm wide and a sharpener. .

The user can expect smooth cuttings from the tool given the sharpener that comes with the tool.

The choice of steel and not cast metal in its manufacture increases its life-span. Its design is smart enough, taking into account the user’s comfort, control and tool efficiency. Being a high calibre tool, it is a great addition to your leather tools and is available is various sizes: :

  • Size 0 - 0.6mm edger for very fine leather (1.0mm / 2oz or less),
  • Size 1 - 0.8mm edger for fine leather (1.3mm / 2oz ~ 3oz),
  • Size 2 - 1.0mm edger for medium leather (1.3mm - 2.0mm / 3oz ~ 5oz),
  • Size 3 - 1.2mm edger for thick leather (2.0mm - 3.0mm / 6oz ~ 8oz),
  • Size 4 - 1.4mm edger for extra thick leather (3.0mm - 4.0mm / 8oz ~ 10oz).

Note that the tool may not be suitable for extremely soft leather, especially the soft chrome tanned leather

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