NT Cutter iC-1500P Leathercraft Circle Compass Cutter for Leather, with 6 Blades

Excellent for cutting circles in leather, paper, cardboard, rubber or other similar materials, this compass cutter will not leave a centre hole as it holds your material in place with a rubber boss. Perfect for all kinds of craft applications. Compatible with 40 pack of replacement blades (BDC-400P).

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This precision compass is designed to cut holes in leather work or paper craft, and comes with five spare blades in a convenient, built-in storage compartment and a measuring guide.

Unlike other compasses, this compass has a precision measurer included and uses a soft boss as a centre anchor, rather than a needle, ensuring no unsightly holes in the middle of your cut circle. This compass distributes pressure evenly so there is practically no likelihood of jagged, warped circles or uneven cuts.

The edge of the compass has a razor sharp blade that will effortlessly cut through leather or paper. Comes with six cutting blades. Compatible with 40 pack of replacement blades (BDC-400P).

Cutting diameter 1.8cm~17.8cm (0.4~6)

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