Kyoshin Elle Leathercraft Diamond Point Curved Stitching Awl for Leather Sewing

This curved awl is excellent to ensure you get great results when you wish to sew curved leathercraft or in instances when you do not wish your stitching is exposed on more than one side of your leatherwork.

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This quality, diamond shaped curved awl is excellent for stitching your round leather work or when you don't want to penetrate all the way through leather, but would rather keep your stitching on a single side.

Designed with a smaller blade than most, this awl is designed for narrower gaps between channels that one would encounter in most leathercraft, ensuring a tighter stitch and greater control with the awl while making holes in preparation for stitching.

To use simply start by penetrating the leather at a high angle, as you penetrate the leather move your hand downwards and forwards, ensuring the point comes out of the opposite channel. Some wriggling of the awl may be necessary.

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