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Craft Sha Leathercraft Square Beveller Leather Stamping Tool 4mm x 5mm B203

This quality, chrome plated stamp is intricately designed and quality made in Japan. Every stamp comes complete with integral, full length handle and is perfect for stamping tooling leather or wet Silver Clay (PMC).

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The Craft Sha Leathercraft stamping tool is made with a conventional design that will help you achieve the best custom shapes for your leather stamping work. The tool is excellent for both silver clay and leather, and comes with an integral handle to make handling easier.

Before working on leather with this stamp, ensure that you have cased your tanned vegetable leather with water using a high-density foam sponge and let it sit for a few seconds for the water to be absorbed. You can now proceed to use a soft headed hammer in striking the stamp into the leather. As for silver clay, oil the stamps head then press it firmly against the PMC's surface.

Differentiating the stamps will require you to look at the stamp's shape from the provided pictures as headings can have similar dimensions. The picture of the chrome stamp(s) provided serves to provide illustrations only. The sizes provided in the title have been rounded to the nearest millimetre.

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Manufacturer Craft Sha
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1 piece
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