Kyoshin Elle Ultimate Leathercraft Tool Leather Carving Swivel Knife Large 13mm

This premium swivel knife has a high quality ball bearing beneath the finger cup to allow for easy and remarkably smooth manipulation of the knife while carving your leather. Easily accessible for cleaning and lubrication, these are among the best leathercraft swivel knives we have on offer. Barrels available in 9mm, 11mm and 13mm diameter.

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The 13mm large Kyoshin Elle Ultimate Leathercraft Tool Leather Carving Swivel Knife without blade is now available.

The breath of the handle of the swivel knife measures 13mm, suitable for a leather craftsman with fairly big hands or those who crave a great grip on their swivel knives.

From the barrel tip to the end of the finger cup is a measurement of 58mm when tuned to the shortest length and 74mm when adjusted to its longest length.

Pivoting this leather carving knives is a seamless experience, thanks to its excellent calibre of ball bearings incorporated into the swivel knives. The great quality of parts also translates to a good lifespan. To top it off, the carving swivel knife is affordable.

Length adjustment requires loosening of the grub screw using the Allen Key that is present in every package, lift or raise the finger cup to the extent you’d like then crew the grub back in place securely.

Compatible with all traditional swivel knife blades, inclusive of Tandy.

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