Craft Sha FLINT Leather Tool Leathercraft Stitch Adjustable Edge Creaser 1.5mm

Crease decorative recesses or European stitch line recesses with ease in your leathercraft, using this quality FLINT Adjustable Creaser, with a 1.5mm creasing blade that adjusts as wide as 7mm.

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Looking for a top-of-the-line leather craft adjustable creaser? Then look no further. This excellent adjustable creaser is perfect to crease your leathercraft, with a 1.5mm creasing blade that adjusts as wide as 7mm. Great for large decorative creases, but also perfect for pressing recesses wide enough for most European stitching, ensuring the thread is flush with your leather.

This model of adjustable creaser is available in three sizes (other sizes sold separately):

  • 0.5mm thick creasing blade - For fine creasing and marking lines for creating a recess for lacing punch slots,
  • 1.2mm thick creasing blade - For mid-size creasing and for creating a recess for diamond stitching,
  • 1.5mm thick creasing blade - For broad creasing and for creating a recess for European style stitching.

Made from high quality 304 Stainless steel, with an ebony handle and machined brass ferrule, this quality tool is made of the finest materials and workmanship. 304 stainless steel has excellent rust resistant properties and works even better when heated.

To use, simply set the adjustable creaser to width you desire, hold your leather on a hard, flat surface firmly, place the creasing blade perpendicular on your leather, press down firmly and run back and forth. Ensure a firm and steady grip to prevent your tool from running off the edge, thereby creating unintentional and unwanted crease lines. For best results heat the blade over a gentle flame until hot, but not hot enough to sear or otherwise damage your leather, before use.

Flint tools are the highest quality tools commissioned by Craft Sha of Japan, as such they are hand made to the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Forged by skilled artisans, FLINT tools are the epitome of quality leathercraft tools based on time tested designs, often copied but never imitated, ensure you use genuine FLINT tools.

Please note, the European style pricking iron featured in one of the pictures is for illustrative purposes only and is not included as part of the purchase.

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