Leathercraft Nylon Plastic Edge Slicker Synthetic Leather Burnisher

This old favourite is great for slicking and smoothing the edges of your vegetable tanned leather. Works best with our range of burnishing gums.

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You're looking at a plastic edge slicker for burnishing the edges of your leather. The centre of this slicker has a hole that will enable you to place a rivet or similar bolt and use on a drill for quicker results.

Simply apply burnishing gum to the edge of your leather and run the groover of this slicker along the edge firmly and vigorously until the edge of your leather is smooth.

Measures 5.5cm x 1.1cm, the burnishing channel is 8mm at it's widest point, but tapers down to 3mm at the bottom of the channel. Should any rough spots on the slicker remain from the moulding process, simply sand smooth with a fine grit sandpaper before use.

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