Michihamono Japanese Premium Wood Carving Tool 6mm Shallow Woodworking U Gouge |

Michihamono Japanese Premium Wood Carving Tool 6mm Shallow Woodworking U Gouge

This tool has a long, extendible blade that can be adjusted out from the handle after it has been worn down from sharpening far longer than competing tools. Excellent value for money.

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This outstanding wood carving tool is excellent for wood block carving (Mogu Hanga) as well as many other wood carving projects. The blade's length is especially long, as it can be extended by adjusting through the handle. This makes the tool last much longer, making it fantastic for its value.

The Deep Circle U gouge is great for creating channels or 'flutes', as well as rounding out edges for a clean final project. The blade's size also makes detail work a breeze, allowing for intricate designs and more interesting features.

To adjust the blade, simply remove the bolster gently from the handle with pliers or similar implements and pivot the top half of the handle on the hinge pin until the blade and shank is fully exposed. Remove the blade and shank from the handle by lifting it directly upwards, freeing the shank hook from the wood. Sharpen your blade on a suitable whet stone. Replace the blade into the handle channel either with the hook placed in the original hole it was unseated from, or move the blade to a higher position in the handle as the blade is ground down. Please note the blade should be moved up the handle in one centimetre increments to prevent too many anchor points in the wood being made, which may weaken it. The handle will compress the blade providing friction which should help keep it in place, adhesives or lubricants are not recommended as this may affect the functioning of the tool. To prevent hook deformation, excessive backwards pressure should not be exerted on the front of the blade, should the hook become deformed and no long hold the blade in place and cannot be corrected, please contact the manufacturer for a replacement. 

Approximate dimensions:

  • Handle length (not including bolster): 9cm
  • Handle width (widest point): 1.5cm
  • Handle width (narrowest point): 1.0cm
  • Bolster length: 1.8cm

The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

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1 piece
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