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Michihamono Set of 2 Adjustable 30mm Pointed Tip Fine Detail Painting Brush

This very fine 2-piece fine point painting brush can be used in painting intricate details on your wood. It can also be used on paintings and plastic models.

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This high-quality fine point brush is manufactured by Michihamono of Japan. It has a handle made from bamboo that is lightweight and strong and provides the needed precision and control when painting. Mainly used for this type of brush, its bristles are made from Japanese raccoon dog hair which is known for its superb quality. In Japan, this brush is used in Noh masks, a wooden carved mask used in classical Japanese dance-drama. A two-piece fine point brush that enables you to paint fine lines and details, a great addition to your painting tools.

It has a very fine point made out of selected Japanese raccoon dog hair for painting very thin lines for outlining the eyes, hair, and other facial features of a wood carving. It can also be used on watercolor paintings, adding details to plastic models, and producing illustrations. The tip can be disassembled and adjusted depending on the desired length. This fine-point brush is suitable for many types of paint such as oil paint, acrylic paint, Sumi ink, and more.

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

• Overall length: 210mm
• Brush Length: 30mm
• Handle Material: Bamboo
• Brush Material: Japanese Raccoon Dog Hair
• Weight: 10g

Please note: Wash well and store in a dry place when not in use. Keep out of the reach of children.

JAN Code: 4976489725504

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