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NT Cutter M-20P Medium Grit M-Type Flat Rectangular Abrasive Sander and Dresser Sandpaper 24mmx152mm to Finish Wood and Light Metal Surface

Sand flat surfaces with this quality synthetic thin sander but with less clogging than fragile sandpaper. Abrasive pad is removable.

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This synthetic dresser is an excellent replacement for unreliable and fragile sandpaper, this quality tool offers a surprisingly resilient grit and friction far more consistently than sandpaper or a metal file.

Having both toughness of metallic file and fineness of sandpaper, ideal for woodwork for light finishing work on leather, wood, metal or plastic but with less clogging. Wash clean with water.

The abrasive area measures 24mm x 152mm.

The abrasive pad is replaceable and sold separately.

Item ID 20069
Condition New
Manufacturer NT Cutter
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 150 g