Oka Ebony Pro Edger Size 0 Leather Edge Beveler Leathercraft Sewing Tool 0.6mm Leather Skiver, with Ebony Handle, for Leatherworking | Goods Japan

Oka Ebony Pro Edger Size 0 Leather Edge Beveler Leathercraft Sewing Tool 0.6mm Leather Skiver, with Ebony Handle, for Leatherworking

This Ebony Pro Edger is capable of creating fine and precise bevels on the leather edges with its very sharp blade edge.Available in 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm sizes.

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Designed for the thinnest of leathers, this quality edger beveller has the finest blade available today. Tested by expert artisans to create fine, sharp cuts, this Leather Edger can last many years of use because of the handle made from ebony and a machined brass ferrule that strengthens the end of the handle which holds the finely crafted Japanese blade.

Unlike other edge bevellers this excellent tool is able to be sharpened time and again, ensuring you'll have a tool that lasts many years.

This leather edger is used to round edges of leather. Available in different blade width sizes (each sold separately), which can be used in a wide range of leather thicknesses. This tool is the most narrow of the Pro Edger types, with a 0.6mm blade width, which can be used to bevel very light leather. The size number is engraved on the steel to make it easier for you to know what size you are using.

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

  • Handle (Ebony)
  • Ferrule (Machined brass)
  • Blade (Steel)
  • Blade Width: 0.6mm

To use this Leather Edger, first, grip the handle of the tool firmly, then hold the leather to be edged with the other hand. Place the blade edge centered at the edge of the leather. Make sure to hold the tool at a proper angle before cutting the edges. Too steep or too shallow angles will not cut the leather edges properly. Placing your index finger just about the end of the handle will make the tool easier to control and you can apply more pressure if needed. Run the tool along the edge of the leather to create beveled edges.

To sharpen this edger, use a fine #1000 grit sandpaper and place upon a suitable surface, such as a thin steel rod, that will ensure the sandpaper will contact the bottom of the cutting edge of the blade when the edger is pressed down on it. Cover the sandpaper in mineral oil and, pressing the bottom of the blade onto the sandpaper, pull, do not push, the edger repeatedly towards you so that the sandpaper runs along the bottom of the blade. For best results, strop the blade over the flesh side of your leather using jewellers rouge.

Please note: The blade edge is sharp, keep away from reach of children.

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