Aluminium PMC Ring Gauge and Ring Mandrel 123mm Japanese Sizes 6-20

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Quality made in Japan, this aluminium ring mandrel is excellent for wax or silver clay ring making. This quality tool is made in Japan and has Japanese measurement sizes marked on the side of the mandrel.

Simply shape the metal clay or wax ring, using a ring mould or your fingers, and wrap around the desired size. Use paper or an oil lubricant to prevent the ring from sticking to the mandrel. Use a suitable PMC paste and/or water to mould to join the ends.

A great addition to your PMC tool kit. For sizes in other regions please see the table below:


Inches Millimeters Inches Millimeters United States,
United Kingdom,
New Zealand
South America
0.458 11.63 1.44 36.5 0      
0.466 11.84 1.46 37.2 ¼      
0.474 12.04 1.49 37.8 ½ A    
0.482 12.24 1.51 38.5 ¾    
0.49 12.45 1.54 39.1 1 B 1  
0.498 12.65 1.56 39.7    
0.506 12.85 1.59 40.4 C   0.5
0.514 13.06 1.61 41   1
0.522 13.26 1.64 41.7 2 D 2 1.75
0.53 13.46 1.67 42.3   2.25
0.538 13.67 1.69 42.9 E 3 3
0.546 13.87 1.72 43.6   3.5
0.554 14.07 1.74 44.2 3 F 4 4.25
0.562 14.27 1.77 44.8 5 4.75
0.57 14.48 1.79 45.5 G   5.5
0.578 14.68 1.82 46.1 6 6
0.586 14.88 1.84 46.8 4 H 7 6.75
0.594 15.09 1.87 47.4   7.5
0.602 15.29 1.89 48 I 8 8
0.61 15.49 1.92 48.7
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