Michihamono Premium 3pcs Hanko Stone Carving Tool Kit Sculpt & Engrave Chisel

Designed for Japanese hanko stamps, this premium set of stone carving blades is excellent for general stone carving needs. Comes with a handy case for storage.

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This premium tool kit is made from high quality steel, and designed to engrave hankos or Japanese personal seals. However, these fantastic tools are also great for general stone carving or even sculpting dried Precious Metal Clay (PMC). Choose from one of three chisels and strike the back end of the shank with a mallet. When you are finished, this kit comes with a convenient box to keep your tools safe. Quality made in Japan.

Please note the background grid in the picture is in square millimetres. The tools are approximately 18cm long.

This kit includes the following stone carving tools:

  • Flat chisel, 6mm
  • Flat chisel, 12mm
  • Skewed chisel, 6mm

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