PMC Cross Mould Silver Art Clay Crucifix Jewelry Push Moulds x5 Large

This large set of plunger push moulds for PMC is a perfect way to ensure you don't use excessive amounts of silver clay with your jewellery creations. Create precision, quality jewellery with these quality made push moulds.

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You're looking at a set of five push moulds for PMC art clay. The plain crucifix measures 30mm in width and 45mm in length, while the ornate crucifix measures 32mm in width and 50mm in length. The large curl is 15mm tall by 6mm wide, the small curl is 7mm by 4mm. The symmetrical curl is 12mm wide by 8mm long.

Simply lubricate your mould with mould lubricant, insert the desired thickness of art clay into the mould using the 'cookie-cutter' edge, hold the cutting end to a flat or textured surface and gently push the plunger to obtain the desired shape. Remove once dry and fire in a ceramic mini kiln or stove top kiln (each sold separately).

Designed for silver or gold clay. Best when used with Mitsubishi PMC3. Create your own jewellery for fun or profit!

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