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PMC Precious Metal Clay Silver Polymer Jewelry Making Starter Kit, with Kiln, Tools, & Instructions, to Make Rings and Pendants

Create complete combinations of silver clay and polymer clay with this complete kit, includes a dual use kiln for both polymer clay and silver clay, tools and Japanese instructions. Start making incredible jewellery with this kit today!

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You're looking at a brand new Silver Mini Pot Starter Kit that has all you need to make full size silver jewellery pendants and rings PLUS polymer clay jewellery creations as well!

The deluxe full size kiln has been specially designed to fire both silver clay AND polymer clay!

Make your own engagement or wedding ring!

Silver clay is pure silver suspended in a clay binder, when heated under flame the clay is simply burnt away, leaving pure silver in the shape it was moulded in prior to firing. Limiting your creation only by your imagination.

Polymer clay is a sculptable material that can be moulded and shaped before being cured under moderate heat and comes in a variety of colours.  This incredible kit comes complete with illustrated instructions, 7 grams of silver clay, heat proof mat, lint free cloth, stylus, tweezers, finger measurer, liver of sulphur, polishing brushes, abrasive polishers, grating, polymer clay (in red, blue, yellow, white, grey and black), a large deluxe kiln with fuel tablet and more!  This kit can be used over and over again to make jewellery for fun, profit or that special someone.

The firing chamber is round with a diameter of 7cm, the base of the firing chamber is flat with a conical interior and is 4cm to the top of the chimney which is its highest point. It is recommended that your PMC creation allow for some clearance from the edges of the kiln.

Please be certain to exercise caution and follow all safety instructions as misuse can cause a fire hazard, use in a well ventilated area. Not suitable for children. PMC3 or PMC Flex is recommended for the kiln in this listing.

An alternative to the fuel tablets would be 30 grams of gelled alcohol fuel placed in a heat proof container of similar dimensions to the foil containing the fuel tablet that comes with your kit. Should you use this method please ensure that the vessel you use to contain the gelled alcohol fuel can withstand the stresses of firing before using. Standard alcohol may be used instead of gelled alcohol fuel, however, in both cases, please ensure all care is taken to prevent spillage as this may constitute a fire hazard. Please note that this method is for informational purposes only, we cannot make any guarantees of any kind should you use this method.

A second firing session is recommended for large pieces, or to ensure the sintering of items that may not have been fully sintered during the initial firing session.

Please note that the instuctions comes in Japanese language only.

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