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Takagi Japanese Wood Carving Tool Small 1.5mm Round Woodworking U Gouge Chisel

This quality, heat treated professional Japanese wood carving tool will ensure quality results, and is perfect for carving the finest details into your wood work.

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This 1.5mm Japanese hand wood carving gouge is excellent for carving very fine u shaped flutes and channels in your wood. Great for the most delicate of cuts and carvings when only the finest detail will do.

The U Gouge, or Gouge, wood carving tools, are designed to carve channels in your wood work, however, the extremely narrow blade of this tool makes it excellent to carve intricate patterns and grooves of the finest detail.

The blade of this tool is made of quality, high-carbon steel, giving it exceptional strength, its tang buried deep with the pine wood handle of this tool, ensuring the blade will not come loose. The handle of this tool is smooth and is made to be manipulated with one or two hands as the need arises.

Quality made in Japan.

The grid in the photograph is in square millimeters.

Please keep in mind that this quality wood carving tool features an extremely fine, detailed blade that should only be handled with great caution. Please follow the guidelines below to avoid breaking or bending the blade.

  • This tool should not be struck with any object, such as a mallet when cutting wood,
  • Do not attempt to remove large amounts of wood per stroke. Trim or shave only a small amount of wood from your project at a time using multiple small strokes,
  • Do not use this tool to penetrate the wood any more than the thickness of the blade,
  • Never use the blade of this tool as a lever to remove wood,
  • Cutting strokes should be only vertical (i.e., up or down), with minimal pressure applied,
  • Horizontal shearing force, in any axis, should never be applied.

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